We are like a sunflower, our guesthouse is in the middle of a whole beautiful flower, and the petals are the possibilities of activities that our ideal location offers. You’ll soon find that one visit doesn’t include everything you’d like to see. So choose well! We’ll be happy to help you choose and plan your trip.



Activities and sports opportunities for couples, families and larger groups, along with the distance from us. Use the arrow keys to scroll down the menu:

0 min.

Cycling - Direct by Maison Tournesol

We offer the whole organization of cycling trips. We will rent you a bike or electric bike, arrange transport to the start and you will enjoy the views from the saddle of the bike. Do you want hills and high elevations on a road bike? You got it. If you prefer quieter trips on an electric bike, that's not a problem either. And mountain bike terrain? Of course. Mother Nature has already taken care of everything for you, giving you the choice of hills, terrain or plains to ride your bike on. We'll take care of the rest, including the snacks. You'll have to pedal on your own.

5-15 min.

Wine tastings, visits to cellars and vineyards

You are in the Jurançon region, with 280 independent wineries and cellars around you. Many of them are happy to welcome visitors from further afield, give you a taste of their secret stock of wines from previous years and, of course, you can buy a few bottles at a good price. Not only will you be able to reminisce afterwards from the comfort of Maison Tournesol or even at home with a glass of Jurançon, but you'll also be supporting these independent winemakers for the year-round shovelful they lovingly devote to wine. Many vineyards offer unforgettable walks with views of the surrounding area.

5-20 min.

Visit local markets

For local Jurançon wines, delicious cow's, goat's or sheep's milk cheeses, cured meats, ready-made meals or handicrafts, head to the local markets. Each day there are markets in a different town or village in the area, best to go in the morning.

15 min.

Henry IV Castle and the city of Pau

In south-west France, the elegant and relaxed city of Pau is the gateway to the Pyrenees. It offers spectacular panoramic views of at least 83 glittering Pyrenean peaks. But Pau is not only popular with hikers, this historic royal city also offers many interesting sights and pleasant promenades. Today, Pau is a city full of charm and enchanting architecture that makes any visitor feel very comfortable and relaxed. At the western end of the Boulevard des Pyrénées, the Château de Pau towers over the Gave de Pau river.

15 min.


The oldest golf course in continental Europe is a short walk away. We will take you to golf courses along the Atlantic coast, amidst pine forests, along vineyards or mountain tops. There are dozens of quality and interesting golf courses to choose from in the surrounding area with different landscapes, from the ocean and the forest to the vineyards and the mountains. We will arrange: Tee time reservations, transportation to the place, we will prepare a tasty snack to take with you

18 min.

Horse riding

Horseback riding in the Pyrenees. Horse riding on the slopes of Jurançon in winter and on the trails of the Pyrenees National Park in summer. Horse riding on the ridges, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we invite you to discover the woods of Monein, the slopes of Jurançon and its vineyards with their spectacular views of the Pyrenees, during a ride of 2 or 3 hours... Amidst vineyards, forests and by the dirt roads.

20 min.

Rafting and kayaking

We can navigate wild but also calm rivers, nestled between rocks with magnificent views and green hills, taking into account their current level.

30 min.

Rock climbing

Within half an hour of us you will find a variety of outdoor and indoor options for climbing rocks and climbing walls. Whether you want to go with or without a guide, you've come to the right place. Pic du Midi is the highest peak in our valley d'Osseau. The summit can only be reached with climbing equipment and good fitness.

30 min.

Local Zoo

The year-round outdoor zoo allows you to get up close and personal with a variety of exotic animals, perhaps even closer than you might imagine - many of the enclosures are walk-through so you can move directly among the animals, many of them can be fed with popcorn purchased on the spot and participate in feeding sessions with interpretation, you can become a keeper for one day or one evening or take advantage of a pre-planned night tour.

30 min.

Walks along the St. James Pilgrimage Trails

Walk part of the historic network of twelve pilgrimage routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela through the beautiful French countryside, well signposted and avoiding civilisation. Along the way, you may meet some of the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who make the journey each year.

30 min.

Lindt Chocolate Factory

The corporate shop of the French factory of Swiss chocolate Lindt has a breathtakingly huge selection of hundreds of varieties of this brand of chocolate. Not only can you buy it at a good price, but you can also find exotic varieties that you won't find in the regular retail network.

35 min.

Outdoor fun playground in the mountains

Whether you are an adult or a child, the outdoor alternative unusual amusement park is for you. Ludopia in the Pyrenees is a space made almost entirely of wood and is completely dedicated to practicing games, allowing you to experiment with the atypical activities they have prepared for you. Come with your family or friends.

40 min.

Visit to the caves

The Bétharram caves are the most beautiful in Europe and definitely the most scenic to visit, measuring 2.8 km long with an impressive 80 m drop. The underground flow of the river is 3.5 km. You will sail on a boat and take a train ride. The temperature here is 14 degrees Celsius all year round.

45 min.

Hiking in the Pyrenees

One-day trips to the mountains and multi-day trips with the possibility of sleeping in one of the local mountain huts, in a tent or under a sky full of stars. We can help you plan your hikes in advance, and we have local mountain guides available for more demanding trips. Don't be fooled, the Pyrenees are huge in height and width and the paths are poorly marked. Choosing a guide is definitely the right choice. There are hikes of all difficulties to choose from, depending on your wishes and abilities.

45 min.

Skiing in the Pyrenees

The ski season starts in December and normally lasts until April. There are no more glaciers in the Pyrenees, but due to the high altitude, skiing is on natural snow and there are no queues at all, the slopes are almost empty and the resorts are well prepared for families with children. There is a pleasant home atmosphere, underlined by good food and smiles.

45 min.

Winter hiking in the Pyrenees

Snowshoe tours in the Pyrenees are very popular and interesting, whether for beginners or advanced. Day trips or night trips under the full moon, always with a guide.

45 min.

Historic town of Navarrenx

The fortified town of Navarrenx, protected by imposing fortifications, is located in the heart of Béarn and proudly towers over the Gave d'Oloron. Its entrance, the St Anthony's Gate, and the high walls built around it in the 16th century reflect its important military past. Don't miss the Navarrenx market, which takes place throughout the year on Wednesday mornings at Place d'Armes and Place Darralde and on Sunday mornings from May to September.

50 min.

Sightseeing train in the Pyrenees

A ride on the highest train in Europe with 90 years of history takes you to an altitude of 2100 m above sea level to the beautiful Pyrenean lakes. There are 35 hiking tours to choose from, a 7 km mountain go-kart track, 9 fun workshops and an adventure park.

50 min.

Pilgrimage site in Lourdes

The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes is a Marian pilgrimage site and surrounding area, located in the French city of Lourdes. It is not just one building, but a whole area of 51 hectares surrounding the grotto where the miracle and Marian apparition was to take place in 1858, and which is administered by the Catholic Church as a place of pilgrimage.

80 min.

Surfing, beaches

Not far from us, just over an hour's drive west, is the Atlantic Ocean with its beautiful long sandy beaches where you can start your endless walks along the ocean. For the adventurous souls, we have surfboards of various types and sizes for complete beginners and intermediate surfers, and wetsuits are also available for rent. We can arrange a surf instructor if you wish.

90 min.

Observatory in the Pyrenees

The Pic du Midi Tourmalet invites you to a night brimming with the emotion of discovery. Sunset and sunrise, a night under the stars, access to the observation domes. Take the cable car to the top and let the view take your breath away... no one can say they have experienced the Pyrenees to the full without stopping at Pic du Midi Tourmalet. At 2,877 metres, the panorama stretches out before you from east to west over 300 km of mountains.

100 min.

Eco-sanzen of the French countryside

From the car park and entrance pavilion, the historic train takes you directly to a French village exactly a few centuries ago. Enjoy a traditional French lunch on site. A number of typically dressed villagers will be on hand to answer your inquisitive questions. And enjoy free roaming among the lambs, mules, pigs, oxen, chickens, dogs and bees. You can even pet some of them, it's up to you.

140 min.

Bordeaux city, monuments and museums

Bordeaux is a port city at the mouth of the Garonne River in the Atlantic Ocean. A lively commercial and university city with a rich history, it is the capital of the Gironde department and the region of New Aquitaine. The Bordeaux region is one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Visit the modern museum La Cité du Vin or the CAPC contemporary art museum, you won't regret it.

170 min.

Sand dune

The largest sand dune is the highest in Europe with its 107 meters, definitely worth a day trip, it will amaze you with its vastness and unrivalled views of all sides of the world. You can roll barrels like a kid, take a dip in the ocean, have a picnic right on the dune and enjoy a day you will never forget.


Nabizíme celou organizaci cyklistických výletů. Pujčíme vám kolo nebo elektrokolo, zajistíme vám dopravu na start a vy si budete užívat výhledů ze sedla bicyklu. Přejete si kopce a vysoké prevýšení na silničním kole? Máte to mít. Uvítáte raději klidnější výlety na elektrokole, ani to není problem. A terén pro horské kolo? Samozřejmě. O všechno se už za vás postarala matka příroda a dala vám kopce, terén či pláně k jízdě na kole na výběr. O zbytek se postaráme my, včetně svačin. Šlapat už musíte sami.


Nacházíte se v regionu Jurançon, okolo vás se nachází 280 nezávislých vinařství a sklepů. Řada z nich ráda přivítá návštěvníky z dalekých krajů, dá vám ochutnat svoje tajné zásoby vín z předchozích let a můžete si samozřejmě za dobrou cenu několik lahví i zakoupit. Nejen, že budete moci pak z pohodlí Maison Tournesol nebo pak i domova u skleničky Jurançonu moci vzpomínat, ale tyto nezávislé vinaře i podpoříte za tu celoroční lopotu, kterou vínu s láskou věnují. V řadě vinic se dají zažít nezapomenutelné procházky s výhledy do okolí. 5-15 min.


Pro nákup místních vín Jurançon, vynikajících sýrů z kravského, kozího nebo ovčího mléka, uzenin, hotových pokrmů nebo ručních výrobků se vydejte na místní trhy. Každý den jsou trhy v jiném městě, nejlepší je vyrazit dopoledne. 5-20 min.


V jihozápadní Francii se rozkládá elegantní a uvolněné město Pau, které je vstupní branou do Pyrenejí. Naskýtá se z něj nádherná panoramatická vyhlídka na nejméně 83 třpytivých pyrenejských vrcholů. Pau však není vyhledáváno pouze milovníky pěší turistiky, toto historické královské město nabízí také řadu zajímavých památek i příjemné promenády. Pau je dnes město plné šarmu a okouzlující architektury, které na každého návštěvníka působí velmi příjemně a uvolněně. Na západním konci promenády Boulevard des Pyrénées se nad řekou Gave de Pau tyčí Château de Pau.15 min.

GOLF – 15 min.

Kousek od penzionu se nachází nejstarší golfové hřiště v kontinentální Evropě. Zavezeme vás na golfová hřiště podél pobřeží Atlantiku, uprostred borovicových lesů, podél vinic nebo vršků hor. Na výběr jsou desítky kvalitních a zajímavých golfových hřišt v okolí s odlišnou krajinou, od oceánu a lesa pres vinice az k horám. Zajistíme vám:
- rezervaci Teetime
- dopravu na misto
- připravíme vám s sebou chutnou svačinu
  15 min.


Jízda na koni v Pyrenejích. Na koni na svazích Jurançonu v zimě a na stezkách Pyrenejského národního parku v létě. Na koni po hřebenech, ať už jste začátečník nebo zkušený jezdec, vás zveme k objevování lesu u Monein, úbočí Jurançonu a jeho vinic s nádherným výhledem na Pyreneje, během vyjížďky na 2 nebo 3 hodiny... Uprostřed vinic, lesů a u polních cest. 18 min.